Break These Locks

Break these locks
Free me from this cage
to feel the sunrays
unchained from this rage
The words I never utter
’cause I don’t need you sympathy
I have seen the hell
It just lies inside me

Trying to look through the window
I see grey sky devoid of stars
Raise the white flag
And end these wars
The world I perceive
full of pain and lie
Broken wings shattered dreams
But still trying to fly

They say “cheer up
its all inside your head”
But what they don’t see
My life has turned red
painted with blood
Drowning in the flood
I need a hand, a savior
to taste life’s flavour

Am I losing my sanity?
Don’t think I am crazy
just trying to decipher it
’cause the world got hazy
Playing between the lines
I want to throw in the towel
No! I can last one more round
That’s what my life is

The nothingness inside of me
Gets heavy every minute
engulfing me as it becomes free
Darkness is where I found it
Nightmares crushing my dreams
trapping my soul in a maze
Break these locks
Free me from this cage

image source: Someone special who has forgot that there is still paint on her brush and flare in her eyes. Pick up those lying pencils ’cause it needs you.

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